Water Works! How to Harness the Power of Water to Improve Your Health & Happiness

Water Works! How to Harness the Power of Water to Improve Your Health & Happiness

by Andrea Pacini February 27, 2022 1 Comment

Water is amazingly versatile in its healing capabilities. Anyone who has taken a steamy shower after a long day, floated in the ocean or enjoyed a crisp glass of water can attest to its ability to quickly shift energy and refresh body, mind and spirit. The legendary work of Dr. Emoto proved that water has its own consciousness, and as a result - it holds energy and is highly responsive to thoughts, intentions and emotions. This knowledge allows us to work with this ever-changing and life-giving resource in multiple ways to help support our physical, mental and emotional health and daily self-care practice. 


Dr. Emoto's experiments demonstrated that words, energies and sounds can change the molecular formation of the water. Water exposed to high-vibrational musical arrangements and words such as love, gratitude, and positivity formed clear and beautiful crystals, while water exposed to words of hate and negativity resulted in  dissonant formations.



Water infused with the intention of "Love & Gratitude" created the most beautiful and harmonious molecular formations. Imagine gifting the cells of your body (which is over 70% water) these beautifully-formed crystals every time you drink or bathe! 

To infuse water, just hold your glass, cup or bottle in your hands, call to mind your intention and repeat your intention either out loud or to yourself. You can use broad intentions such as "love," "joy," or "gratitude" or create your own specific intention. If creating your own, research has shown that stating your intention as if it's already happened yields better results than "I hope" statements, so "I hope to one day have a job doing what I love" becomes "I'm thankful for being able to do what I love."

If talking to your water seems a bit far out to start, you can write your intention and tape or post-it to your glass, mug, bottle or the outside of your tub or shower. In addition to the word or intention, you can also envision golden white light surrounding the water you're about to drink or bath in. Imagine this beautiful light radiating throughout your body every time you take a sip or as you stand under the shower. This is a fast, accessible and easy way to send yourself some potent healing energy and raise your vibration so that you can move through the world in a more clear and aligned way.


Why is hydration so important for overall health and well-being? Water fuels our cells, allowing them to operate more efficiently by improving detoxification. This accelerates metabolism and repair by waking up sluggish circulatory and organ function. Water also helps promote cognitive health by transporting oxygen to the brain and providing lubrication and cushion for gray matter. Infusing water with a positive intention such as "peace" or "focus" adds a major energetic boost to its already inherent health benefits.



Detox baths help relieve sore muscles, re-mineralize the body, draw out toxins, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, aid with digestion and weight loss and balance pH. This is my basic detox bath recipe, feel free to alter it in any way that feels right for you - experiment with increasing or decreasing measurements, maybe adding some rose quartz crystals for a beauty boost, ylang ylang oil to invite more playfulness into your life or some rose petals for heart-opening support. Add these ingredients to hot water and soak for at least 20 minutes.

In addition to relieving sore muscles, salt helps clear the subtle body, which lightens energy and cleanses the aura. Hydrogen peroxide enhances oxygenation in the bloodstream and kills skin mites (gross I know! but needed!) and baking soda neutralizes odors, acts as an anti-fungal agent and helps balance pH.

For me, this ritual provides a much-needed energetic & physical reset and significantly increases feelings of peace and well-being. Ideally, I would do a detox bath once a week, but I'm happy if I get 2 nice soaks in per month.

 S H O W E R  M E D I T A T I O N

 A shower meditation is an easy way to bring more mindfulness into your life. As you let the water wash over you, envision negativity and toxicity running down the drain and exhale all of that heaviness out fully. As you inhale the warm steam, imagine breathing in love, white light and joy. Repeat this cycle a few times and you will emerge feeling energetically renewed.

 S W I M

Swimming is a fantastic way to open our creative and emotional channels (water is the element of the sacral chakra), it's a beautiful reminder to go with the flow of life and to be open to the inspiration that can spring forth when we aren't busy trying to control everything. There's something about submerging yourself in an ocean, lake or pool that allows us to explore our primal creativity and inspiration - float, do flips, escape from the noise of the world above so that you can disappear into your truth and see what magic unfolds!

What intention will you infuse your water with this week?

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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April 24, 2024

Thank you, Salt Starlight, for this insightful article on harnessing the strength of water for increased fitness and happiness! Your realistic pointers and holistic method make self-care reachable to all. I seem to be ahead of extra inspiring content on self-care Sundays.

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