The Energetics of Chasing

The Energetics of Chasing

by Andrea Pacini December 18, 2022

What do you spend the majority of your time, resources and energy chasing? What have you placed on a pedestal as “hard to get?”⁣

Whether it’s love, good health, a solid relationship, serenity, freedom, a title, respect, or a certain number in the bank or on the scale - anything you chase will always be outside of you. ⁣

Apart from you. ⁣
A Perpetual Separation.⁣

The energy of chasing by nature keeps you in pursuit and the desired "thing" running away from you. This creates more resistance & frustration and actually widens the gap between you and what you want. 

How do you change this unending cycle of pursuit?⁣

You embody the energy of what you want so that it becomes a part of you and is never separate from you.⁣

How can you embody things that feel really foreign or far away?⁣

With my system, we work together to:⁣
💜Get clarity around how embodiment looks, sounds and feels in your life ⁣
💜Process & clear trapped emotions that are blocking you from the belief that you can embody exactly what you desire ⁣
💜Identify & change limiting beliefs on the subconscious level with PSYCH-K®, which dissolves mental barriers to achievement ⁣
💜Regulate & build capacity in your nervous system so that there is room for embodiment⁣
💜Cultivate a secure attachment with yourself that will then inform all of the relationships in your life ⁣
💜Create tailored action steps to unite you with your new reality⁣
💜Support you fully with conscious and subconscious tools⁣

As we approach the darkest day of the year and the Winter Solstice this week - the invitation to rest and "just be" is perfect for relaxing our grip on the things we are chasing.

Close your eyes and think about what you want and desire the most. Notice how your body holds this thing energetically - are your muscles tense? Is there a feeling of constriction or anxiety around it or does it create space in your body and your mind? Does your heart race and mind flood with phrases like "I'll be happy when" or "If I just had that, things would be perfect." These are clues that you're devoting a lot of your energy to chasing, which is taking you out of the power of the present moment and emitting the vibration that you're not good enough, happy, or complete without this external thing.

Next time you notice this looped thought arise, notice what energetics accompany it. If you do find yourself immediately in the energy of chasing, relax your attachment to the outcome and just try to notice where and how you are experiencing this in your body - this exercise alone will provide a wealth of information to you!

Is there any one thing you've feel like you've been chasing your entire life?

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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