New Year Sweetness

New Year Sweetness

by Andrea Pacini December 31, 2022

 Today is my birthday and I love to start my personal new year off with this sweetness ritual designed to help reconnect with the sweetness of life!

What accomplishment over the past year are you most proud of?

What was the most important lesson learned?

What advice would you give your January 2022 self?

What would you like to thank this past year for teaching you?

    • Gather your supplies. You'll need a large bowl filled halfway with water and 4-12 de-stemmed blooms of your favorite flower(s). Notes: Roses are said to have the highest vibration of any flower. 
    • Find a comfortable seat on the ground on a yoga mat or cushion - either inside or outside. You may want to place a rolled blanket underneath your sits bones to help support you and keep your pelvic bowl and spine in alignment. Arrange your supplies as desired around your space with the bowl of water directly in front of you.
    • Take at least 5 deep, slow, clearing breaths - allowing each exhale to create space in the areas in which you observe tension being held. Savor the sensation of feeling grounded with every inhale and then expansive as each exhale lifts your heart and increases flow of your prana, or life force through the body. Feel free to close your eyes, or if you prefer not to - keep your gaze soft.
    • Call to mind three things you're grateful for - you can pause here in meditation with hands at heart center or just lovingly remember them. Let this fill you up so that the feeling of gratitude and abundance is spilling into every cell of your body.
    • Now call to mind your three favorite memories of the past year. Pause and reflect on these moments in vivid detail. Let these memories light up your heart! Find a gentle smile and notice that this smile brings a new lightness to your heart.
    • Call into your heart three things that you love about yourself and take this time to send yourself some sacred self-love and appreciation. Marinate in these feelings for as long as you'd like.
    • When you feel ready, place your first bloom into the water. As you place the flower, envision an experience, project or vision you'd like to create or complete in 2023, paying special attention to how these experiences will feel, look and sound, imagining them in as specific detail as possible. Visualize each experience for at least 17 seconds.
    • With each bloom placed, concentrate on creating more of these beautiful, inspired, harmonious and love-filled moments through experiences and relationships that bring you closer to your highest self.
    • Close with an offering of gratitude and appreciation for all that you've experienced and all that has led you to where you are now. Savor how far you've come!

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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