"I have never felt as settled and comfortable with my decision making process as I do now. I’d been struggling for months with creative blocks, and Andi’s incredibly intuitive PSYCH-K® and human design readings were so eye-opening. Her gentle care, insightful nature, and nurturing soul helped me find the path I’d been searching for. My creative blocks are gone and I’m moving forward again. This is the kind of life coaching we all need, a calm and gentle spirit who helps you open those internal locked doors. Andi is truly amazing!" 

J.T. Ellison, New York Times Bestselling Author


"Working with Andi over the past few months has been an unparalleled transformative experience for me. Her ability to hold a space of non-judgement allows us to peel back layers together with each session, resulting in my ability to foster a deeper connection with myself, and the ability to trust my own intuition via her loving and supportive guidance. 

One of the most valuable aspects of Andi’s sessions is her ability to help me navigate my inner landscape and realize where certain issues that impact my everyday life may be rooted, as well as her constant insight into how seemingly separate pieces are all interrelated.
Her method is vastly effective due to the extensive tools she utilizes, from Psych-K, Human Design, and Quantum Coaching, we are able to gain perspective over the issues at hand from different angles, oversee them more completely, and find effective remedies. 
Her Quantum Coaching has brought about mind-blowing realizations, which she relays clearly and makes available through recordings I revisit often. It is immensely helpful that she not only shines light on things that are often hidden or obscured when I’m too close to the problem, but also provides practical tools for working through everything. Many of these suggestions and methods have since become a part of my regular routine.
Andi’s Psych-K application is another favorite tool of mine, providing quick-working solutions to a range of obstacles embedded in the subconscious mind. This is an invaluable part of our sessions, ‘fixing’ limiting beliefs instantly. Many of these beliefs have taken years of active work to modify with limited success; by placing my trust in Andi and her method, I experience palpable change constantly and often immediately."
- Viktoria, Budapest, Hungary


"Andi recorded a Quantum Coaching session for me. I begin this testimonial with a huge THANK YOU. I received this valuable recording 10 days ago. The format she uses in her therapy sessions is handy and easy to use. I have been eagerly listening to the recorded information as a reference when I practice the action steps each day. My sense of wellbeing is steadily building as I do the work. By reinforcing what is outlined in this session, I have successfully changed my daily experience. The recorded quantum therapy session is both insightful and accurate. My intention is to keep learning from this reading and to employ Andi for my ongoing needs in the future." - J.R., Jupiter Island, Florida


"I had my Quantum Coaching reading a year ago and I'm still referring back to it; using it as a tool to help guide me so I can heal and grow. The reading brought me to tears in a good way. In a very insightful and gentle way, Andi was able to uncover things about me that I have dug deep down and didn't realize was still there. It made me realize the work I have to put into myself to evolve into a better person. I was (am) very moved by her reading and I highly recommend her angelic work. Thank you so much!" - Silvana, West Palm Beach, FL


"I have been working with Andi for about a year and can genuinely say that she has played a vital role in helping me heal from traumatic events, manage anxiety, and change narratives that led to negative self-talk.
I have done a Human Design reading and several Quantum Coaching and Psych-K Sessions. Andi has always provided me with a safe environment to explore my thoughts and welcome guidance.
I can honestly say this is the most peace and confidence I have ever felt in my life and credit a lot of my healing to her sessions and teachings. She is magical and knows what she’s doing.
Thank you, Andi. Your work continues to change my life for the better." 
- Dani, Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I was excited to be the first client in the "Supercharge Me" category. It was excellent, and I left with a sensational sense of renewal. Andi is very knowledgeable in Human-Design and with Psych-K. They also pair very well together because the Human-Design information provides the framework to your soul. At the same time, Psych-K helps with the deprogramming to reach your fullest potential while your specific Human-Design provides guidance. It would be best if you had a sturdy foundation to build your new house (mindset) on, and Psych-K targets the faulty cracks in your existing groundwork. Many of these stem from early childhood, and she will target these stories and help you rewrite them. These unconscious blockages are what are holding us back.
When you speak with her, you will immediately notice that she is passionate about helping people and that it is her calling to do so. She found her unique magical medicine, and that is rare these days. I have done a few different energy sessions and even met a couple of counsellors, and she had by far the most inviting energy. I am a self-healing, self-actualizing person and I eat up information, but she still had insights I never knew and even placed some of the puzzle pieces I already had together. She was an important stepping stone into the next level of my healing journey. She is an angel in disguise, waiting to share her divine wisdom and unconditional love.
If you stumble upon her and are reading this, it is not by chance; it is your soul leading you to the next step of your evolution. She puts a lot of her energy into it with extreme sincerity. She even checked up on me a couple of times because she knew I was going through a tough transition quitting marijuana after 15 years. She did not have to do that. I am forever grateful. Worth every penny. Think of it as an investment into your future!"
- Riley, Alberta, Canada

"I purchased a Human Design reading for my 15-year old and all I can say is WOW! It has helped me relate to him on a whole new level. I now know to ask him yes/no questions and also now understand that he needs time to process information and feelings and that I shouldn’t ask or expect him to make a decision in the moment. Knowing this has been life-changing for our communication! He feels so seen and validated as a result of this reading and it has without question made me a better parent and strengthened our relationship. This is truly one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever received." – Liz, Virginia Beach, VA


"As I approached my 40th birthday, I decided to take the plunge and have a baby on my own. I am a career-focused and independent woman who hadn’t found a partner with whom to build a traditional family (and not for lack of trying). Sometime during my second trimester I began to worry—not whether I had made the right decision or if I would be a good mom or even if I could really raise a child on my own, but about how to raise a child and remain true to myself. Life until this point had been about self-discovery and intentionally choosing the path I was on. Andi’s Quantum Coaching session is what I needed, when I needed it, to help me move beyond my anxiety. I listened to the session she created just for me and was able to apply some of what she shared directly, but the great thing is, she also gave me some activities I could work through. It all gave me so much peace of mind and confidence in what (or who!) was coming my way. 

When my daughter was born, Andi looked at her human design chart to help me understand who she was inherently born to be. The reading has provided so much insight into my little girl—and will help me to prepare her for her brightest future." - Melanie, Austin, TX


"My dog had terrible car anxiety and would cry every time he got in the car. As I have to drive him several hours away a few times a year I really wanted to get him some relief. A friend recommended Andi's distance surrogation service. She worked on him while we were in the middle of a 4-hour drive and he immediately calmed down and went to sleep in his bed and was totally fine the rest of the time! This was after two hours of nonstop nervousness and crying on his part. I've never seen anything like it. If you're wondering if this works, yes it does! He has been fine in the car ever since like there was never an issue. I'm a believer! I recommend this to anyone who has an anxious pet." - Kathryn, Jacksonville, FL


"I am writing this testimonial about Andi's abilities as a surrogate PSYCH-K facilitator. This is something I was not familiar with until Andi mentioned it to me and to be honest, it’s something I would not believe in had she not been the one to explain it to me.

My son who is 2.5 years old at the time that I am writing this, was always an amazing sleeper, sleeping an average of 12 hours a night and not waking up during the night.

When he was around 1 to 1.5YO, he started experiencing what I can only describe as night time and sleep time anxiety and terror. Something about going to bed became traumatic and scary for him, so much so that it would induce vomiting. It was completely scary and confusing since he was not at an age where he could explain what was happening.

When I mentioned this happening over months and months to Andi, she explained Surrogate PSYCH-K to me. My son had been given invasive blood tests, ultrasounds and was about to be given his first anesthesia in order for Doctors to scope his gastro-intestinal system to try and find out what was happening in his little system. Since Andi assured me that this practice she would be using was not invasive and would not cause my son any discomfort I immediately agreed and let her try. I was desperate to get some relief for my son after a year of struggling to figure it all out. 

I think we did 2 sessions, and even though I trust Andi completely, I was shocked and amazed at how well it worked. Almost instantly, with assurance from me, my son was able to return to a normal sleep schedule and has not had any sleep terrors or vomiting episodes. 

I don’t know or understand how it works, and honestly, I don’t care. My happy boy is back, he enjoys our nighttime bedtime routine again. I am completely in awe of this practice and Andi’s gift and am so happy that she is able to share it with others."

- Danielle, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"Working with Andi is like having 4 therapists in one person. She is so knowledgeable about psychology, the nervous system, and working with the subconscious brain that she has a technique to deal with every issue I've brought to her. I have spent the last 12 years in talk therapy and feel like I've made more progress working with Andi in just 4 sessions than in the last 12 years with 7 different therapists combined. My anxiety has nearly disappeared since working with her. I used to experience panic attacks multiple times a week but now I get one maybe once a month and can easily work through it and regulate it better than I've ever been able to before. I honestly can't believe she doesn't charge more for her sessions. They are worth every penny if you're serious about creating major upgrades and shifts in your life!"

- Marissa, Carlsbad, CA


"Working with Andi has been one of the best investments that I have made in myself. She has so many tools in her toolbox, that have helped me on my healing process. I have released so many emotions and traumas that have held me back. It is crazy how quick the changes have happened in a short period of time. I have struggled with overeating most of my life. After just one session, I was noticing myself getting full faster, making better food choices, and not bingeing as often as I would in the past. 
I am so grateful and thankful for Andi and all the work she has done for me."
- Brooke, Houston, TX 
"I have been working with Andi and PSYCH-K a little over 4 months now. I thought I knew my shadow, I thought I knew what needed to be worked on but my subconscious mind was holding on to waaay more than I could have even imagined. Through working with Andi I have been able to unmask and integrate these shadows in my life and let go of many traumas and dramas that were ready to be released. Andi creates such a safe environment even over zoom where I am able to be vulnerable and allow the healing process to unfold. I am beyond grateful for Andi and this work and will always incorporate her guidance in my life. Thank you Andi for choosing to share your light."
-Shelly Saunier, Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I cannot recommend Andi and her magical work enough! I approached her in desperation when life became too overwhelming due to some issues with my children. Specifically, my toddler first entered his transition to “Big Brother” with happiness and love, but suddenly one day he became jealous, sad, and full of despair. When he really started to become consumed with separation anxiety at bedtime, he jumped out of his crib. Thankfully he was safe, but this event spurred even more jealous and violent behavior challenges, and I felt totally lost as to how to balance both the new baby and my oldest.

At my oldest son’s daycare, even his teachers reported that he often cried and became violent suddenly, after a long standing of being the sweetest, friendliest kid in class. Andi immediately performed PSYCH-K and emotion code work through a surrogacy lense on both boys from a distance. Using this, she was able to muscle test on their behalf to identify and release trapped emotions and transform their stress. The very next day, my happy, confident toddler was back! By day 3, he allowed me to put him to bed without any tantrum, and seemed safe and content as I closed the door. She also gave me a reading of the baby, who was experiencing stress that I didn’t even realize! With the information, I was able to correct some things to make both children feel more loved and safe. THANK YOU Andi, for solving one of my most challenging moments in motherhood. I will forever live in gratitude to you for helping us figure this out, and recommend your work to anyone experiencing emotional challenges and a need for quick transformation.
K.B., Lake Worth, FL
"I have never experienced such rapid growth and transformation, as I have even after just one PSYCH-K session with Andi. She was able to create a safe, loving container that allowed me to feel comfortable and able to connect with my heart space, and subconscious mind in order to discover and finally release old limiting beliefs from my teen years, that were still causing me to feel filled with fear. I decided to also get my Human Design reading, which Andi delivered with such loving, compassionate energy, and it has been another level of understanding myself and my true life dharma. I am so grateful the universe brought me to Andi, she is a beautiful soul, connected to Divine wisdom and grace, and blessed with the gift of helping others in perfect Divine timing.  I look forward to working with her again soon!” - Lisa Yoga Angel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I have had the pleasure to work with Andi in two PSYCH-K sessions so far, and all I can say is WOW. Before diving deep into the session, Andi really takes the time to get a better understanding of you as a person by navigating through your human design chart with you. Within the first 10 minutes, she was already getting me to see the bigger picture and the beauty of all the "struggles" I was currently dealing with. She helped me to truly see why there had been so much resistance in certain areas of my life and she really helped me to embrace the qualities that I have masked and pushed away for so long.
Andi and I did an alternate life visualization which has been SO life changing for me. It took about 6 days for my subconscious mind to really adapt and grasp these new circuitries, but once it kicked in, I was so amazed to no longer wrestle with the narrative that I  lived by and suffered with for the last 17 years. I no longer struggle with extreme self criticism or a self-sabotaging mentality which would normally lead me down a spiral of constant negativity and periods of depression. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and since the shift has been made, I find myself enjoying life so much more. My family and I are forever thankful for Andi's expertise and guidance, as well as the immense impact it has made on my life. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who is ready to step out of a long & overdrawn narrative that is no longer serving them and transition into higher self alignment and empowerment!"
Alice, Boca Raton, FL
I highly recommend Andi to everyone I meet (run, don’t walk, to connect with her)! Andi supported me during a very difficult medical  journey by reframing my thoughts and connecting my mind and body, which resulted in a huge medical victory that was nothing short of a miracle! Andi works with different backgrounds and seamlessly incorporated my faith into our sessions, which allowed me to really lean into the practice and feel authentically seen and heard!  Andi identifies subconscious thought patterns and connects the dots in such a detailed and precise way, that I’ve learned more from her in a few sessions than I have during years of therapy.  Beyond being a highly skilled PSYCH-K facilitator, Andi is such a joy to talk to and she truly cares about her clients and is dedicated to determining the best way to support each client’s individual needs. Andi is amazing and has already changed my life for the better in just a few sessions! 
-Heather K., Ft. Lauderdale, FL