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Because PSYCH-K® works directly with the subconscious - which is 1 million times faster and more powerful than the conscious mind, change occurs quickly and minimizes the need for multiple sessions to cover one topic.

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- First 60-minute PSYCH-K®  session: An accessible way to experience PSYCH-K! | $99 special introductory offer for first-time clients only

- 75-minute PSYCH-K®  session | $155

- 60-minute teen PSYCH-K®  session | $135

- Package of three 60-minute PSYCH-K®  sessions (to be used within 6 months) | $425

- Teen Human Design Coaching & PSYCH-K®  combo: In this package, you will receive a recorded Human Design reading via email that you can keep and refer to forever (see above listing for some of the topics covered in that reading). We will then schedule a follow-up 60-minute PSYCH-K®  session to address anything that came up in the reading or anything that currently has you feeling stuck or 'less than'. This is one of my favorite offerings! Human Design has helped me relate to and understand my children (both teenagers now) on such a deeper level. I wish that this information had been available for both my parents and myself when I was younger and I feel very strongly called to share it now. I had a very tough time as a teenager and I want teens to know that they’re seen and understood – but more importantly, I want them to have the tools to understand, empower and honor themselves and this offering was created to do just that.  | $225 Date of Birth and exact birth time are required for this session.

- Supercharge me! If you’re longing for a deeper understanding of yourself and want to fast-forward your personal growth and development, this one’s for you! This combined Human Design and PSYCH-K®  package is a quick track to fast forwarding personal growth and evolution. (includes a 60+ minute audio recorded Human Design reading and a 75-minute PSYCH-K session) | $255 Date of Birth and exact birth time are required for this session.

- Quantum Coaching:  Do you feel stagnant, confused or stuck? Are you struggling with a situation and find yourself unable to get clarity or see next steps or the best path forward? In this offering, I will look at your current energy & energetic blockages and provide clear and tangible action steps to align you with your highest timeline. The reading is audio recorded in sections and emailed for you to reference anytime at your convenience. This is a comprehensive Shamanic look at your current energetic make-up as well as actionable suggestions including self-care ideas, somatic therapies, traditional psychological interventions, energy work, life coaching, meditation, yoga poses, breathwork, cord cutting, journal questions and ritual to support you in gracefully and easily transitioning into your next iteration. We do not need to talk or be virtually connected for this offering. The messages that you need to hear in the moment come through very clearly and don’t require any backstory or prior knowledge. You can listen again and again as this reading is very layered, nuanced and comprehensive. We go DEEP! This reading can vary in length anywhere from 75 minutes to two hours, depending on the amount of information that comes through. You can revisit different parts of the reading as you work through the levels that present. This package includes up to 10 follow-up questions so you will be fully supported as you work through the layers. You can submit questions in writing and I will prepare a recorded response for you to keep and refer to forever. If you're looking for trauma-informed, safe, transformative and therapeutic self-paced work, this option is perfect for you. | $245

- Timeline Jump: Not living the exact life you wish you were? In this 90-minute session, we will get clarity about where you are and where you want to be by implementing a blend of Shamanic visualization and the Creating a New Reality PSYCH-K®  protocol. We'll then craft action steps to help you more quickly align with your new vision. This is a fast, safe and effective way to fast-forward personal growth and evolution. | $200

- The CEO: This package is for anyone who wants to take their career, confidence and communication to the next level! By identifying your unique energetic blueprint and core character strengths, we’ll explore how you can be an optimal manager, communicator, decision-maker and producer - in your business and in your own life. Prior to the session, I’ll email you a 60+ minute recording (that you can keep and refer to forever) highlighting key information and strategies to bring clarity to your role and organization. Once you’ve processed the information, we’ll schedule two follow-up 60-minute virtual deep dive sessions to explore root cause obstacles and update any limiting beliefs that may be derailing optimal performance | $475 (Please take the VIA character strengths test and share your results with me prior to our virtual session.) Date of Birth and exact birth time are required for this session.

- POWER BOOST (Bundle of 6 PSYCH-K sessions)This package is for anyone who's ready to leave behind old patterns, limiting beliefs, frustrating behaviors and heavy emotions and step into their innate strengths and power. This bundle includes six 75-minute PSYCH-K sessions to be used within 9 calendar months as well as a recorded Quantum Coaching session to help you more quickly align with your highest timeline and support you in this journey. | $777 

- Monthly Maintenance (Bundle of 12 PSYCH-K sessions): For those who want to stay consistent in their healing journey, this package was designed to help you close trauma loops, leave behind old patterns, limiting beliefs, frustrating behaviors and heavy emotions so that you can easily and confidently step into your innate strengths and power. This is a package of twelve 75-minute PSYCH-K sessions to be used within one 365-calendar year. It also includes an in-depth 60+ minute Human Design recording and two recorded Quantum Coaching sessions (one every 6 months) to help you more quickly align with your highest timeline and to support you in the weeks we don't meet. Includes email and text support, Healy scans and surrogate balances. | $1750

- Corporate Performance Coaching: I work one-on-one and in groups with key employees to help each individual build confidence, improve communication, understanding and productivity. I then strategically guide management where to place and how to nurture each team member for maximum rapport building, performance and output. I also facilitate team buildings and partnering workshops. Contact me to discuss your specific needs!

All individual sessions are conducted virtually at this time, please email or text me at 561.203.6145 or with any questions you may have!