How To Grid Your Bed With Crytals

How To Grid Your Bed With Crytals

by Andrea Pacini October 25, 2020

Traditionally, the time between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice is when the veils between dimensions are the thinnest - making divine guidance, connection and downloads more accessible than any other time of year. This sounds great, right?

But when this condition is paired with Scorpio’s intense and mercurial energy, heightened global anxiety, an election, mercury retrograde and Vata season - it can all seem really overwhelming to say the least!

🔮 Have your dreams been more vivid?

💤 Has your sleep been irregular?

💨 Have you struggled to feel grounded?

🖤 Have you felt overwhelmingly emotional?

These can all be signs of a shift in vibration. An effective way to manage these sometimes-difficult transitions so that we can better process and maximize the gifts that accompany them is to work with crystals.

Crystals hold and emit a much higher vibration than the human body so working with them can help bring us into a state of homeostasis more quickly than we can on our own. {Read more about crystals in this post}.

For many of us, the bedroom is the most sacred space in our home - it's where most of our otherworldly experiences take place in the form of dreams, astral travel, spiritual and physical connection. 

Honoring and bringing awareness to this place where we spend 1/3 of our time can be a very healing and supportive practice. Gridding the bed, or placing specifically-chosen crystals under the mattress, can help balance energies or amplify any intention. The number of crystals used isn't important - everyone will have a different need because no two people are identical energetically or emotionally.  Use this opportunity to connect with and tune into your intuition and allow yourself to be led as far as placement, type and number of crystals to work with. You can use one crystal or 100! 

I've listed some ideas underneath to help you get started.

Placement Ideas:

-place one crystal under the mattress where you lay your head

-place a crystal under the two top corners of the mattress

-place a crystal under each of the four corners

-place crystals along the edge where your body lays 

-repeat this on the other side if your partner would also like to participate (you can tailor crystals for each person's individual needs)

-place a crystal in the center of the bed and radiate them out like sunrays

-place them in the shape of a heart to amplify love energy

-you can also arrange your crystals in the shape of a triangle with the apex pointed up, however, this may be too stimulating or energizing for some. Experiment first with this shape by using crystals with very soft energy such as rose quartz, celestite or selenite.

Crystal Ideas:

*Note: I am not recommending any super energizing stones such as carnelian or tiger eye as that energy can be overstimulating for some. However, some people love to sleep with these stones and find them incredibly healing and powerful. Everyone's resonance will be different so feel free to do what feels right for you.

- To feel more clear and mentally sharp, use hematite, fluorite, clear quartz or a mix of all. 

-To amplify sensuality and physical connection, use smoky quartz, garnet and orange calcite.

-To enhance feelings of love and partnership, use rose quartz, emerald and jade.

-To assist physical healing or recovery, use amber, green aventurine and bloodstone.

-To promote more restful sleep, use selenite, charoite and amethyst.

-Use ametrine, rainbow moonstone and moldavite to aid with astral travel.

-Work with labradorite, lapis lazuli and blue kyanite to enhance intuition.

-For a more balanced and positive outlook, use citrine, amazonite and chrysocolla.

-To dissolve dense or negative energy, use shungite, black obsidian and black tourmaline.

-To cultivate a stronger sense of self-love, use kunzite, rhodonite and seraphinite.

-To boost relaxation, use lepidolite, blue lace agate and angelite.

-For physical strength use red jasper, hematite jasper and honey calcite.

-For emotional strength use Botswana agate, peach moonstone and cavansite.

Do you keep crystals in your bedroom? If so, which ones? Which shapes resonate most with you? Which crystal recommendations call to you the most?

I have most of these crystals on hand and would love to work with you to create a tailored set to help support your intentions and goals - feel free to message me on Etsy to discuss further! 


Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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