Nine Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Welcome Spring

Nine Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Welcome Spring

by Andrea Pacini March 22, 2020

These are strange times, but I find so much comfort and loveliness in connecting with and celebrating nature.

Spring has sprung here in the northern hemisphere and in my neck of the woods, the animals are definitely busy. Baby cardinals chasing each other playfully through the tree limbs, bunnies hopping across the grass and a pair of killdeer birds have made their annual nest in our backyard as they have for the past three years. They usually lay four speckled eggs at a time, but we've only counted two so far so we're still waiting for two more grand birdies! It's so interesting that these different killdeer couples use the exact same spot as a nest every single year. I guess a simple lesson from nature is, if it's not broken, don't fix it!

Spring is the time that Earth awakens - blossoms, blooms, comes alive and prepares for new cycles and growth; this is a beautiful thing to celebrate! I feel as though this year especially - mother nature is taking a giant extended exhale, nurturing all of its creatures great and small with healing breath.

Here are a few social-distancing friendly activities that you can do to help welcome Spring!

1. listen to the birds sing 

2. plant seeds, literally and figuratively - take this time to focus on three goals you'd like to achieve or experiences you'd like to welcome this season

3. smell flowers - or make a bouquet or crown of them

4. blow bubbles - this was one of my kids' favorite things to do when they were little. Bonus: it counts as breathwork!

5. have a picnic outside

6. spring clean - now is a great time to purge and organize closets, cabinets and drawers (here's a schedule for fast and easy daily tidying)

7. decorate eggs - many craft stores are offering discounted shipping rates right now. Buy some wooden eggs and some paint and have some art therapy at home!

8. walk outside - a bit of mindfulness will turn your walk into a moving meditation - focus on your breath and each step you take - notice any smells and sounds you hear and observe the colors of the world around you

9. create something - a beautiful meal, a poem, a painting, a photograph, a floral mandala, sidewalk chalk art - let your creativity run wild and see what springs forth!


 a crystal and floral mandala I created, I chose the oval shape to honor spring, new beginnings and new life


What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Spring?

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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