How to Create a Purposeful Morning Routine

How to Create a Purposeful Morning Routine

by Andrea Pacini September 29, 2019

Most of us have read or heard about the benefits of having a strong morning routine. Pretty much every successful person - from Warren Buffet to Jennifer Aniston to Tony Robbins to countless CEOs and business owners, all have consistent morning routines in place. When this subject arises, I'm frequently asked - "what does that mean for me?" and "how do I create one?"
Chances are, we wake up, brush our teeth, shower, maybe make some coffee or breakfast, skim the news - most of us have some variation of this already. Creating a morning routine that moves us closer to our goals is simply a matter of building more mindful practices into what we already do. 
Not all morning routines are created equally - what works for one person will not work for another. A truly successful morning routine should be tailored to your individual goals and visions. When creating a morning routine with clients or friends, I advise them to take an hour to first fill out a goal pyramid. This helps provide clarity about their individualized desires. In my experience, this makes creating a morning routine that moves them closer to these goals much more straightforward and obvious.
Draw a triangle on a piece of paper and divide it into three sections - at the top of the triangle or pyramid should be a smaller space in which you will list your Ultimate Goals- these are the desires that drive you and which you feel will bring you most fulfillment and peace at the end of the day. The center of the pyramid should be your 2-5 year goals - these are major events that you want to be sure you achieve during this lifetime. Then the bottom part of the pyramid is where we will fill in the daily habits that can help support all of the wishes, desires and goals you already listed on the upper portions of your triangle.
Let's use my goal pyramid as an example. In my top 'Ultimate Goals' section, I have listed: 1. Healthy, resilient, self-reliant kids are who are good people and who contribute positively to society 2. Spiritual Connection & Development 3. Good health 4. A strong, loving, fun, supportive marriage 5. Giving back and helping others 6. Freedom 7. Self-Actualization. These are my ultimate goals for this lifetime and they inform every decision I make.
In my 2-5 year goals section, I have listed:
1. Specific business goals  
2. Specific travel goals 
3. Specific financial goals
4. Specific bucket list goals - e.g. writing a book, skydiving or finishing an Advanced Degree.
Now that you have some clarity about exactly what you want out of life, adding in the daily habits that will help support these visions should be much easier. For me - health, family and my spiritual life are of utmost importance so I prioritize these things every morning with daily devotionals, journaling, connected conversation, exercise, vitamins, meditation etc.
In my experience, having a solid morning ritual that supports the life I want to live is crucial for my sense of focus and purpose. I do this routine every day, rain or shine, whether I'm traveling or at home. It anchors me into the day, keeps me focused and helps supports the visions I'm working towards. 
I also want to note that you do not have to create an hour-long morning routine. I am an early riser so I tend to pack a bit more activity into my mornings since that's when I'm most productive. Many people I work with want to start a morning meditation or prayer practice but are worried they won't have time. Five minutes is perfectly fine!!! Taking five minutes to do breathwork or be still and clear your mind can do wonders long-term for mental and emotional health and whatever time you can dedicate towards becoming the person you want to be is absolutely perfect.
Self-care is a practice, not perfection.
What does your morning routine consist of? What has helped to create a routine that works for you?

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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