How the Fall Equinox Invites us to Restore Balance in our Body, Mind and Spirit

How the Fall Equinox Invites us to Restore Balance in our Body, Mind and Spirit

by Andrea Pacini September 21, 2022

Tomorrow marks the Fall Equinox and signifies one of two days out of the year (the other being the Spring or 'Vernal' Equinox) when day and night are almost exactly equal lengths and the entire planet is most in balance. 

Taking our queue from Nature's rhythms, this week is the optimal time to examine balance in our lives.

Taking inventory of each main area in our life can shine a light on areas that may need some more focused attention. Using some colored pencils and the graphic above, fill in the areas which correspond to your life right now, with 0-3 being not satisfied "can definitely improve", 4-7 being moderately satisfied "overall happy but still room for improvement" and 8-10 being very satisfied "achieving most or all of my goals in this area"

Reflection Questions to Help Restore Balance

1) Which area of my life feels most in balance right now?

2) Why is this area of my life strong and balanced?

3) What factors, habits, practices, people or support have helped me achieve balance in this area?

4) Which area of my life feels most out of balance right now?

5) Why do I feel I am struggling in this area?

6) How can I bring this area into more of a balance?

7) How can I take responsibility for and reclaim power in this area?

8) What am I learning about myself from this imbalance?

9) How will bringing this area into balance benefit me and those around me?

10) List gratitude for all of the support you've received and lessons you've learned in each area

For some Autumn Equinox ritual ideas to add into your life this week, check out this post! The change of seasons is also the ideal time to detox your body - check this post for my Top 10 Detox hacks, including a delicious kitchari cleanse!

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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