What's Your Manifestation Style?

What's Your Manifestation Style?

by Andrea Pacini January 16, 2022

During this time of year, “goals” and “manifestation” became major buzzwords that can create a lot of stress and pressure for many of us. For years I avoided resolution-making and goal-setting because I :don’t like details: All of it just felt like a lot of hassle and hard work and led to total shutdown on my part.

As I’ve matured, I’ve grown to appreciate the value that comes from having clarity about what I want and where I want to go. I wouldn't get in a cab or Uber and tell them "take me anywhere!" so why would I do that with life? Having a desired destination is crucial, but I think many of us become energetically "lost" when trying to map out the best route to get there – like navigating streets in a foreign city, it all just feels too big.

After diving deeper into Human Design over the past few years, I realized why I don’t like details. I’m literally not designed to deal with or dwell in them!

It was eye-opening to learn that manifestation is not one-size-fits-all. Knowing how to work with our individual manifestation style can lead to much faster and more aligned success. Personally, it freed me up to create more power by giving me permission to let go of the “how,” which has made the whole process so much more fun and enjoyable for me.


So what’s your manifestation style? Let’s find out!

First, look up your free Human Design chart at www.myhumandesign.com

You will see four arrows around the head – look at the bottom right arrow. If that arrow is pointing left, you’re a specific manifestor. If it’s pointing right, you’re a non-specific manifestor.

In my chart, this arrow is pointing right so I’m a general, or non-specific, manifestor. This means that it’s appropriate for me to focus on 2-3 big-picture visions, goals or ideas and allow the Universe to fill in the details and surprise me. When non-specifics focus too much on minutiae and small details, it can create a lot of stress and overwhelm which oftentimes leads us to scrap the whole thing out of frustration! My advice for non-specifics is to gain clarity about a specific goal you’d like to achieve – e.g. pay off or bring in x amount of money, and then concentrate on the feeling that this will create in your energy and in your life. Connect with this energy as though it’s already happened and allow the Universe to usher this in in ways you’ve never considered!

My husband’s arrow is pointing left which means that he’s a specific manifestor so it is appropriate for him to get clarity about the specific details of his goals and visions. But it's also important for specifics to avoid bogging themselves down with every single detail! Try to only focus on the details that occur to you naturally. Too much forcing here can create the same resistance and overwhelm that non-specifics can experience. When something specific occurs to you, make note of it and trust that it’s occurred to you for a reason, but don't go on a wild goose chase trying to figure out every single detail of every aspect of everything you wish to manifest. If you feel resistance or a sense of forcing, let go of this aspect for the time-being. If it’s important, it will drop into your awareness when the time is right.


We are renovating our kitchen and as a non-specific, I know that I want it to have a very airy, fresh, bright, clean and inviting energy. My vision for this space doesn’t speak to me in specific finishings or hardware, but more through an overall vibe and aesthetic.

Since Matt is a specific, he is much more focused on the details –the color, tones and styles of wood and tile options are important to him. He is very adamant about not using certain materials or designs which helps us narrow down our choices. I am more open to a variety of looks as long as the final result produces the vibe I feel and see in my mind’s eye - the exact style and pattern don’t matter to me as much as the finished result and overall feeling of the space. This isn’t to say that non-specifics can’t have opinions or contribute to design choices (I am very opinionated) but in our situation, it’s most efficient for me to allow Matt to narrow down our options based on what he really likes (and dislikes) – and then from these, I can more easily select which options come closest to my vision.


It may be helpful for both specifics and non-specifics both to create vision or mood boards of various images that awaken joy for them. This is not necessary and should only be done if it feels good and in alignment for you.

Specifics may do very well keeping an electronic mood board of all the details that occur to them so that it’s easily accessible for updating. I recommend that specifics keep their boards handy and visible, maybe setting as phone wallpaper or creating a dedicated folder or Pinterest board.

Non-specifics may do best with a collage posterboard collection of inspiring images and vibes they’d like to experience. I suggest that non-specifics create a posterboard collage and then cut it up into pieces! Keep all of the pieces somewhere safe and sacred - maybe in a velvet or satin bag. If you feel called, add some crystals or flower petals or a piece of Palo Santo. This reinforces energetic detachment from the “how” and allows you to focus on the big-picture vision which is what non-specifics do best!

*A note about vision boards: the images chosen should create a sense of expansion and happiness within your body and soul, not dread or resistance. For instance, pinning a photo of a beautiful swimsuit model with a “perfect” body may seem motivating, but if it causes any kind constriction or sadness within you, it can work against you as this vibe perpetuates the feeling of lack and the story of “not good enough.” Please be mindful to only use inspiration and images that authentically feel good for you.

Not sure exactly what you want to call in this year? Try the New Year Clarity Ritual!

I want to know – are you a specific or non-specific manifestor? Please share in the comments below!

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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