10 Easy Ways to Digitally Detox Without Giving Up Your Phone

10 Easy Ways to Digitally Detox Without Giving Up Your Phone

by Andrea Pacini July 14, 2019

Digital Detox. We all need one. And this month's wacky (mis)communication and rampant technical difficulties make this the perfect time to disconnect. 


Modern technology is fantastic for bringing people together, providing information, and sharing knowledge, but we all know the routine - short scrolling sessions here and there lead to the formation of daily habits which leads to codependency with our devices, leaving precious little time for connecting with our soul or with the people in our lives. Recent studies show that increased screen time also comes with increased stress, pressure, anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

Digital detoxing will look different for everyone - it's not a one size fits all prescription. Many of us rely on our computers and phones for our livelihood so disconnecting completely just isn't feasible. The key is to create realistic boundaries that you feel confident you will be able to stick to.

I love the idea of creating daily digital detox habits because, let's face it - small, consistent steps are a lot more doable than giving up your phone cold turkey for an entire week.

My personal boundaries:

  1. Turn off all notifications I have no clue what's happening on social media until I open the app. I find that cutting out the constant interruption of notifications and mentions brings more mental freedom.
  2. No looking at my phone for one hour after waking up Starting my day with my phone puts me in a mood. Checking in first thing in the morning sets up my day for external stimulation and validation. Comparing myself to the perfect images and lives portrayed on social media keeps me dwelling in a place of lack instead of focusing on all of my abundance. I use this time instead for my morning routine which helps center, ground and connect me (we will talk more about morning routines in September!)
  3. 5-minute minimum break for every hour spent on my laptop I like to use this time for a quick dance party or jumping jacks to increase circulation to my brain. Sometimes I will go sit outside with a cup of tea - bonus points for healthy Vitamin D. I also like to color. There are a lot of great adult coloring books available - I love this dreamy mermaid one.
  4. Keep shungite on my computer to help absorb ElectroMagnetic Frequencies In today's digital era, we are constantly saturated with harmful EMFs and as a technical writer, I'm on my computer all day long - and often into the night. The fullerenes in shungite provide incredibly powerful EMF/EMR (electromagnetic radiation) absorption properties - check out this amazing video! My EMF crystal protection set is available here.
  5. No phone at lunch Promotes mindful eating and gives me time to people-watch which inspires me endlessly.
  6. No phone at dinner just no.
  7. No phone after 10:30 p.m. Helps my brain relax, allows me connect with my husband, helps me sleep better.
  8. Take two consecutive hours to disconnect completely on Saturdays and Sundays I am amazed by how much I accomplish without the phone breaks!
  9. Make a list of items to research and stick to those only Like a puppy off leash, I get very easily distracted sniffing along the information superhighway and want to gobble up all of the knowledge I possibly can. I realized this habit was becoming a problem for me so before looking at my phone or computer in the morning I make a list of things I'm allowed to research that day. If I stumble across something new and shiny, it has to wait until the next day.
  10. Don't leave home without a book I love to read and I always have a book with me. I keep at least one in my car and one in my computer bag. I've found that if I have something else to occupy my time which I truly look forward to, the allure of scrolling loses its luster. Replacing the habit that's not serving you with something that's truly appealing to you will help improve your success exponentially.

I used to have a "no checking work emails over the weekend" policy, but many times my job requires immediate notification and coordination. I removed that from my list because not checking my work email actually increased my stress and anxiety. It just doesn't work for my lifestyle right now so I removed it and that's okay- set yourself up for success, not failure! Experiment with your own daily detox parameters using trial and error until you find the formula that works best for you. 

Some people commit to only checking social media platforms three times a day. I have quite a few friends who log out of the app so they have to sign back in every time, which helps cut down on the habit of mindless scrolling. Many people I know have deleted the app from their phone so they have to be on a computer to access their social media platforms. There are lots of ways to achieve a better real life/virtual life balance - the trick is to choose parameters that feel realistic and authentic for you and your lifestyle. 

The goal of a digital detox is to create more space for stillness within your mind, to promote connection to both your intuition, which is the source of infinite wisdom, and to the people who grace your life with their love and friendship. Nice byproducts of a digital detox are increased productivity, awareness, happiness and a rekindling of creative (and maybe even romantic!) spark.

How do you think you can incorporate a digital detox into your daily life in the coming week? What tips and tricks do you have to manage and balance your real life and your virtual life?

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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