This package is for anyone who wants to be the CEO of their own life!

By identifying your unique energetic blueprint and core character strengths, we’ll explore how you can be an optimal manager (of yourself and/or others), communicator, decision-maker and producer. Prior to the session, I’ll email you a 60+ minute recording (that you can keep and refer to forever) highlighting key information and strategies to bring clarity to your role and organization. Once you’ve processed the information, we’ll schedule: 

-one follow-up 75-minute virtual deep dive coaching session and

- one 75-minute PSYCH-K® session to explore root cause obstacles, transform stress and update any limiting beliefs that may be derailing optimal performance | $515 (Please take the VIA character strengths test and share your results with me prior to our virtual session.) Date of Birth and exact birth time are required for this session.

Intake forms will be sent after purchase is confirmed. After-hours and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

* all PSYCH-K® sessions are currently conducted virtually via Zoom. I am available for limited in-person appointments in the Palm Beach/Jupiter/Stuart or St. Simon's Island areas, please text 561.762.8718 for more information.

What others are saying about the CEO Experience

"Working with Andi over the past few months has been an unparalleled transformative experience for me. Her ability to hold a space of non-judgement allows us to peel back layers together with each session, resulting in my ability to foster a deeper connection with myself, and the ability to trust my own intuition via her loving and supportive guidance. 

One of the most valuable aspects of Andi’s sessions is her ability to help me navigate my inner landscape and realize where certain issues that impact my everyday life may be rooted, as well as her constant insight into how seemingly separate pieces are all interrelated.

Her method is vastly effective due to the extensive tools she utilizes, from Psych-K, Human Design, and Quantum Coaching, we are able to gain perspective over the issues at hand from different angles, oversee them more completely, and find effective remedies. 

Her Quantum Coaching has brought about mind-blowing realizations, which she relays clearly and makes available through recordings I revisit often. It is immensely helpful that she not only shines light on things that are often hidden or obscured when I’m too close to the problem, but also provides practical tools for working through everything. Many of these suggestions and methods have since become a part of my regular routine.

Andi’s Psych-K application is another favorite tool of mine, providing quick-working solutions to a range of obstacles embedded in the subconscious mind. This is an invaluable part of our sessions, ‘fixing’ limiting beliefs instantly. Many of these beliefs have taken years of active work to modify with limited success; by placing my trust in Andi and her method, I experience palpable change constantly and often immediately."
- Viktoria, Budapest, Hungary

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