PSYCH-K® Single Session


Clear and process past trauma and update limiting beliefs for root-cause change and transformation at the subconscious level. Read more about PSYCH-K® here. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Intake forms will be sent once purchase is confirmed. After-hours and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

* all PSYCH-K® sessions are currently conducted virtually via Zoom. 

What others are saying about working with me

"I have never felt as settled and comfortable with my decision making process as I do now. I’d been struggling for months with creative blocks, and Andi’s incredibly intuitive PSYCH-K® and human design readings were so eye-opening. Her gentle care, insightful nature, and nurturing soul helped me find the path I’d been searching for. My creative blocks are gone and I’m moving forward again. This is the kind of life coaching we all need, a calm and gentle spirit who helps you open those internal locked doors. Andi is truly amazing!" 

J.T. Ellison, New York Times Bestselling Author


"I have never experienced such rapid growth and transformation, as I have even after just one PSYCH-K session with Andi. She was able to create a safe, loving container that allowed me to feel comfortable and able to connect with my heart space, and subconscious mind in order to discover and finally release old limiting beliefs from my teen years, that were still causing me to feel filled with fear. I decided to also get my Human Design reading, which Andi delivered with such loving, compassionate energy, and it has been another level of understanding myself and my true life dharma. I am so grateful the universe brought me to Andi, she is a beautiful soul, connected to Divine wisdom and grace, and blessed with the gift of helping others in perfect Divine timing.  I look forward to working with her again soon!” - Lisa Yoga Angel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Working with Andi is like having 4 therapists in one person. She is so knowledgeable about psychology, the nervous system, and working with the subconscious that she has a technique to deal with every issue I've brought to her. I have spent the last 12 years in talk therapy and feel like I've made more progress working with Andi in just 4 sessions than in the last 12 years with 7 different therapists combined. My anxiety has nearly disappeared since working with her. I used to experience panic attacks multiple times a week but now I get one maybe once a month and can easily work through it and regulate it better than I've ever been able to before. I honestly can't believe she doesn't charge more for her sessions. They are worth every penny if you're serious about creating major upgrades and shifts in your life!"- Marissa, Carlsbad, CA


"Working with Andi has been one of the best investments that I have made in myself. She has so many tools in her toolbox, that have helped me on my healing process. I have released so many emotions and traumas that have held me back. It is crazy how quick the changes have happened in a short period of time. I have struggled with overeating most of my life. After just one session, I was noticing myself getting full faster, making better food choices, and not bingeing as often as I would in the past. 
I am so grateful and thankful for Andi and all the work she has done for me."
- Brooke, Houston, TX 
"I have been working with Andi for about a year and can genuinely say that she has played a vital role in helping me heal from traumatic events, manage anxiety, and change narratives that led to negative self-talk.
I have done a Human Design reading and several Quantum Coaching and Psych-K Sessions. Andi has always provided me with a safe environment to explore my thoughts and welcome guidance.
I can honestly say this is the most peace and confidence I have ever felt in my life and credit a lot of my healing to her sessions and teachings. She is magical and knows what she’s doing.
Thank you, Andi. Your work continues to change my life for the better." 
- Dani, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I have been working with Andi and PSYCH-K a little over 4 months now. I thought I knew my shadow, I thought I knew what needed to be worked on but my subconscious mind was holding on to waaay more than I could have even imagined. Through working with Andi I have been able to unmask and integrate these shadows in my life and let go of many traumas and dramas that were ready to be released. Andi creates such a safe environment even over zoom where I am able to be vulnerable and allow the healing process to unfold. I am beyond grateful for Andi and this work and will always incorporate her guidance in my life. Thank you Andi for choosing to share your light."
-Shelly Saunier, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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