Distance Surrogation Service


Did you know that we don't even need to be face-to-face to experience major energetic shifts? Through the PSYCH-K® surrogation process, I'm able to intentionally connect with just about anyone or anything that has energy (aka everything). 

This option is great for anyone who is pressed for time, doesn't feel comfortable being on camera or does not have the capacity to communicate.

This service is particularly helpful for small children and pets! Through this process, we are able to intentionally connect and transform the perception of stress to alleviate anxiety, process trauma and change behavior. 

Once purchased, please send an email to  salt.starlight@gmail.com including the name and age of the person or animal you'd like me to partner with as well as a brief synopsis of the issue they're experiencing. We will correspond to gain clarity around the intent of the session. After the session, I will email an audio recording of my findings.

I offer a full money-back guarantee with this session. If you don't experience or observe a significant shift and behavioral change, I will refund you fully.

What others are saying about Distance Surrogation Work

"I cannot recommend Andi and her magical work enough! I approached her in desperation when life became too overwhelming due to some issues with my children. Specifically, my toddler first entered his transition to “Big Brother” with happiness and love, but suddenly one day he became jealous, sad, and full of despair. When he really started to become consumed with separation anxiety at bedtime, he jumped out of his crib. Thankfully he was safe, but this event spurred even more jealous and violent behavior challenges, and I felt totally lost as to how to balance both the new baby and my oldest.

At my oldest son’s daycare, even his teachers reported that he often cried and became violent suddenly, after a long standing of being the sweetest, friendliest kid in class. Andi immediately performed PSYCH-K and emotion code work through a surrogacy lense on both boys from a distance. Using this, she was able to muscle test on their behalf to identify and release trapped emotions and transform their stress. The very next day, my happy, confident toddler was back! By day 3, he allowed me to put him to bed without any tantrum, and seemed safe and content as I closed the door. She also gave me a reading of the baby, who was experiencing stress that I didn’t even realize! With the information, I was able to correct some things to make both children feel more loved and safe. THANK YOU Andi, for solving one of my most challenging moments in motherhood. I will forever live in gratitude to you for helping us figure this out, and recommend your work to anyone experiencing emotional challenges and a need for quick transformation.

K.B., Lake Worth, FL



"I am writing this testimonial about Andi's abilities as a surrogate PSYCH-K facilitator. This is something I was not familiar with until Andi mentioned it to me and to be honest, it’s something I would not believe in had she not been the one to explain it to me.

My son who is 2.5 years old at the time that I am writing this, was always an amazing sleeper, sleeping an average of 12 hours a night and not waking up during the night.

When he was around 1 to 1.5YO, he started experiencing what I can only describe as night time and sleep time anxiety and terror. Something about going to bed became traumatic and scary for him, so much so that it would induce vomiting. It was completely scary and confusing since he was not at an age where he could explain what was happening.

When I mentioned this happening over months and months to Andi, she explained Surrogate PSYCH-K to me. My son had been given invasive blood tests, ultrasounds and was about to be given his first anesthesia in order for Doctors to scope his gastro-intestinal system to try and find out what was happening in his little system. Since Andi assured me that this practice she would be using was not invasive and would not cause my son any discomfort I immediately agreed and let her try. I was desperate to get some relief for my son after a year of struggling to figure it all out. 

I think we did 2 sessions, and even though I trust Andi completely, I was shocked and amazed at how well it worked. Almost instantly, with assurance from me, my son was able to return to a normal sleep schedule and has not had any sleep terrors or vomiting episodes. 

I don’t know or understand how it works, and honestly, I don’t care. My happy boy is back, he enjoys our nighttime bedtime routine again. I am completely in awe of this practice and Andi’s gift and am so happy that she is able to share it with others."

- Danielle, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"My dog had terrible car anxiety and would cry every time he got in the car. As I have to drive him several hours away a few times a year I really wanted to get him some relief. A friend recommended Andi's distance surrogation service. She worked on him while we were in the middle of a 4-hour drive and he immediately calmed down and went to sleep in his bed and was totally fine the rest of the time! This was after two hours of nonstop nervousness and crying on his part. I've never seen anything like it. If you're wondering if this works, yes it does! He has been fine in the car ever since like there was never an issue. I'm a believer! I recommend this to anyone who has an anxious pet." - Kathryn, Jacksonville, FL

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