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Are you feeling stuck or just want more focused guidance to navigate your next 4 weeks?

In this mini version of the Quantum Coaching Session, I will look at your current energy & energetic blockages and provide clear and tangible action steps to align you with your highest timeline. 

We do not need to talk or be virtually connected for this offering. The messages that you need to hear in the moment come through very clearly and don’t require any backstory or prior knowledge. 

Click here to see what others are saying about my Quantum Coaching Sessions!

Please send an email to after purchasing and provide a brief synopsis of the issue(s) you'd like to focus on in the reading. Please also include the email address where you would like to receive the recorded audio file. Please allow up to 5 business days for delivery. Expedited options will be delivered within 48 hours.

What others are saying about Quantum Coaching

 "Andi recorded a Quantum Coaching session for me. I begin this testimonial with a huge THANK YOU. I received this valuable recording 10 days ago. The format she uses in her therapy sessions is handy and easy to use. I have been eagerly listening to the recorded information as a reference when I practice the action steps each day. My sense of wellbeing is steadily building as I do the work. By reinforcing what is outlined in this session, I have successfully changed my daily experience. The recorded quantum therapy session is both insightful and accurate. My intention is to keep learning from this reading and to employ Andi for my ongoing needs in the future."
- J.R., Jupiter Island, Florida
"I had my Quantum Coaching reading a year ago and I'm still referring back to it; using it as a tool to help guide me so I can heal and grow. The reading brought me to tears in a good way. In a very insightful and gentle way, Andi was able to uncover things about me that I have dug deep down and didn't realize was still there. It made me realize the work I have to put into myself to evolve into a better person. I was (am) very moved by her reading and I highly recommend her angelic work. Thank you so much!"
- Silvana, West Palm Beach, FL
"As I approached my 40th birthday, I decided to take the plunge and have a baby on my own. I am a career-focused and independent woman who hadn’t found a partner with whom to build a traditional family (and not for lack of trying). Sometime during my second trimester I began to worry—not whether I had made the right decision or if I would be a good mom or even if I could really raise a child on my own, but about how to raise a child and remain true to myself. Life until this point had been about self-discovery and intentionally choosing the path I was on. Andi’s Quantum Coaching session is what I needed, when I needed it, to help me move beyond my anxiety. I listened to the session she created just for me and was able to apply some of what she shared directly, but the great thing is, she also gave me some activities I could work through. It all gave me so much peace of mind and confidence in what (or who!) was coming my way. "  - Melanie, Austin, TX
"Working with Andi over the past few months has been an unparalleled transformative experience for me. Her ability to hold a space of non-judgement allows us to peel back layers together with each session, resulting in my ability to foster a deeper connection with myself, and the ability to trust my own intuition via her loving and supportive guidance.  Her Quantum Coaching has brought about mind-blowing realizations, which she relays clearly and makes available through recordings I revisit often. It is immensely helpful that she not only shines light on things that are often hidden or obscured when I’m too close to the problem, but also provides practical tools for working through everything. Many of these suggestions and methods have since become a part of my regular routine."
- Viktoria, Budapest, Hungary

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