Summer Solstice Sweetness: A Ritual to Light Up the Second Half of Your Year

Summer Solstice Sweetness: A Ritual to Light Up the Second Half of Your Year

by Andrea Pacini June 21, 2022 1 Comment

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest & brightest day of the year has been observed across all societies and cultures from Egyptian to English to Aztec as a a celebration of light, joy and illumination.

With so much darkness and heaviness in the world lately, now seems like a perfect time to Lighten Up!

I encourage to take what you need from this ritual. If some parts don't resonate, skip them and only do what excites you and sets your heart on fire. This is a small but poignant metaphor - the more we allow joy to flow, the more we will begin to experience in everyday life. 

What you'll need:

- paper and pen to journal

- a glass of room temperature purified water or warm tea sweetened with honey. We are entering Cancer season, a potent water sign - incorporating the water element into this ritual will help honor this energy and bring balance to life's rhythm as well as stimulate the sacral chakra, the energy center responsible for emotional balance, healthy sexuality and creativity. Honey is traditionally used in Summer Solstice celebrations and also represents the "sweetness" of the sacral chakra.

- something to sit on - a yoga mat, cushion, pillow or blanket

- a white, yellow or green candle. White traditionally represents purity and cleansing and can be used for any and all rituals as it's a blank slate. Yellow candles resonate with the solar plexus chakra and sun energy of motivation, action and power and green candles work with the heart chakra energies of love, forgiveness, growth and expansion. You can read more about the chakras here.

- seashells or flowers to represent new experiences you are calling in for the second half of the year

- flower crown if desired

- crystals to amplify energy and intention

Crystal Suggestions for the Summer Solstice

I suggest 3 different types of crystals for this ritual.

1. Grounding crystals such as smoky quartz which helps promote connection to the physical body, obsidian which draws out stress and mental tension, jet which vacuums out all bad vibes and shungite which transmutes any heaviness that releases.

2. Crystals that resonate with the sun's innate characteristics of power, action and strength such as sunstone, tiger's eye, carnelian, citrine and fire quartz.

3. Crystals for Love, Luck & Blossoming such as jade, green aventurine, emerald, rose quartz, cherry quartz and flower agate.

If you don't have any of these on hand, clear quartz is always a wonderful stand-in or you can intuitively choose the crystal that's right for you. 

Essential Oil Suggestions for the Summer Solstice

As always, using essential oils will synchronize energies and intentions. I love the idea of creating your own ritual oil for this day of celebration. Use whatever aromas call most to you. I'm personally very drawn to lemon, jasmine, gardenia, honey, black fig and ylang ylang for this day. This is another beautiful way to get creative and let joy flow!

I like to begin with a bit of journaling to help bring clarity to my vision and path.

Since this day is all about light - let's explore that concept a bit.

Salt & Starlight's Summer Solstice Sweetness Journal Questions

1. How can I bring more light to my life?

2. What activities make me happy?

3. What activities drain me? 

4. What shadow is ready to be illuminated and brought to the surface for release? If you feel so led, write this down on a piece of paper, burn it and release it into the ether as an energetic cord cutting.

5. How can I be a light to others?

6. What are my main goals/visions for the second half of the year?

7. How will achieving these goals allow me to shine brighter? How will they help my family, my community or the world?

8. What has happened during the first half of the year that I'm grateful for?

Take some time to explore these questions and any others that may come up for you - there is no wrong way to write!

A bit of meditation/guided imagery helps connect us to our inner wisdom and intuition. When in doubt, I like to consult the highest version of myself. What does she look like, how does she act, how does she make others feel, what energy does she emanate? I find that focusing on this vision helps me authentically embody this vibration which in turn expedites manifestation.

Salt & Starlight's Summer Solstice Sweetness Ritual

1. Find a comfortable place outside under a tree, on the beach, by a creek or river or in your yard. If none of these spaces are readily available, set up a sacred space inside in front of a window, allowing the sunlight to illuminate your face. If you're working with an essential oil blend, anoint your body, candle and space now.

2. Drink a glass of room temperature water or the cup of tea sweetened with honey. 

3. Call to mind three things you're grateful for and a main intention for the rest of the year and light your candle. 

4. Facing south, place your seashells, crystals or flowers in front of you. Then mindfully arrange them into a spiral shape, envisioning each event you're calling in for the second half of the year in great detail as you place the object. Spirals are used for Solstice celebrations as they represent the nonlinear flow of life. It is said that the inner point of the spiral represents the seeds planted during the Winter solstice and the outer points of the spiral represent the blossoming during summer.

5. If you'd like you can lay down and arrange your crystals on and around your body to recalibrate your vibration. Place the grounding brown & black crystals about 6 inches below your feet, the energizing yellow and orange crystals on your stomach in a spiral shape between your belly button and solar plexus and the green and pink heart crystals on your chest or down your outstretched arms (palms facing up to receive).

 6. Stay either seated in meditation or laying down in savasana position and envision/meditate as long as you'd like. When finished, close the ritual with a short prayer, statement of gratitude or mantra. Some accessible options are om - the primordial sound of the universe or Shanti, Shanti, Shanti which means peace, peace, peace in Sanskrit. 

6. Leave the candle burning all day (safely on a fireproof surface) to amplify your intentions for the second half of the year.

7. If weather and time allow, spend some time in nature reconnecting to your soul and to the Earth.

8. Celebrate the little things! Celebrate the big things! Celebrate everything! Dance, laugh and reflect on the sweetness of life and how to create and radiate more love and light in your inner and outer worlds.

I hope your day is extra sweet!

Andrea Pacini
Andrea Pacini


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July 06, 2022

You touched the inside of my soul- thank you for your careful work + intention in this space.

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